Apple annie


Traditionally the most popular cultivar in New England

    Available early September

    Red and Green Skin

    Great for applesauce, cider, and pies


Cross between McIntosh and Ben Davis

    Available late September

    Very white flesh, holds up in baking!

    Flavor is sweet, excellent dessert apple


Cross between Macoun and Perdue 54-12

    Available mid-September

    Flesh is yellowish in color, juicy, crisp, fine

    Flavor is good, sweet but sharp


Also known as the snow apple of Quebec

    Available early October

    Bright white flesh and sweet flavor

    Probably the ancestor of Macintosh - wow!


One of the most famous American apples

    Available mid-October

    Flesh is juicy and has a light crispness

    Sweet but mild flavor, skin can be quite tough

Red Delicious

Original seed was a McIntosh and Red Delicious cross

    Available late September

    Red, juicy, firm, crunchy, and sweet

    Does not bruise easily - good for lunch boxes!


Cross between Jersey Black and McIntosh

    Available late September

    Very firm flesh is juicy and snow white

    Tastes sweet with a hint of berry


Disease resistant, “ugly duckling” but tastes great!

    Available early September

    Flesh is firm, juicy, nearly crisp

    Great for baked goods and cider


Cross between Golden Delicious and Jonathan

    Available October

    Crisp fruit, juicy and aromatic, thin skin

    Large sweet fruit, sweet-sour taste


Good apple for sauce, baking, eating

    Available October

    Comparable to Northern Spy

    Crisp, tender, juicy with some tartness


Named for it’s pear-like, russeted skin

    Honey-sweet flesh

    Mild, nutty flavor

    Very crunchy - great for eating or salads

One of our lowest spray apples

    Dark, bright red and thick skin

    Juicy, crunchy flesh

    Sweet flavor - great for salads or storage

Golden Russet